GBPAUD Possible Buy at 9 Sep 2017

Trade Setup

I am here after 2 week. market is now looking very wonderful for all traders. there are breakout is happening and market is honoring support and resistance level very well before last month.

GBPAUD was a bearish and market formed good lower lows. Now market is near the bottom and we are planning to buy. According to the information we have market is near the major support area and sellers are getting weaker at these areas.  We have seen some weaker strength of seller is recent months price action that is indicating us that sellers are not willing to sell more. On the other hand price is very discounted for buyers and they are showing interest to buy between the support zone 1.6180 area


there are a massive rejection of sellers in recent days are buyers are very interested to buy. We are willing to buy as soon as market will open.

according to breakout structure we will buy after a breakout and retest.

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